Honda Leadership Purchase Plan



The Honda Leadership Purchase Plan (LPP) is the most flexible way to finance a vehicle from Honda. Once your lease is up, it gives you the freedom to trade in the vehicle, return it, or purchase it for a set contract price. It also allows you to choose the number of miles per year and purchase additional mileage if necessary. With so many customizable options, the Honda LPP is the most personalized lease program available.


Exploring Options

There are so many excellent Honda vehicles to choose from, and each carries a legacy of dependability and longevity. The Honda Leadership Purchase Plan allows you to get behind the wheel of your favorite one and drive it off of the lot in no time. With so many leasing options, you can find the perfect plan to fit your needs. The experienced staff here at Balise Honda of West Warwick will talk with you and guide you toward your best leasing solution.


Guaranteed Purchase Price

After your Honda LPP term expires, you can choose to purchase the vehicle for the set price that was negotiated in the original contract. If the vehicle is valued higher than its contract-negotiated purchase price, you even have the option to resell it. If the vehicle ends up being worth less, you have the option to turn it in and sign a brand-new contract. It’s just another way that the LPP allows you to make the best financial choice for your unique needs.


Mileage Options

Some people drive their vehicles a lot, while others may drive considerably less. A great thing about the Honda Leadership Purchase Plan is that you can choose the annual mileage limit to fit your lifestyle. The LPP offers you a 12,000- or 15,000-mile per year plan, and if you think you may drive even more than that, you can purchase additional mileage for each year.


Personalized Term Options

For even more flexibility, the LPP allows you to choose the length of your lease; you can pick a term ranging from 24 to 48 months. This is a great feature, since you will not be locked into a lease that’s too short or long.


Less Fees

With the Honda LPP, you get a $1,500 Limited Excessive Wear and Use Waiver, which covers most costs from the wear and tear of everyday driving. There are also no hidden purchase option or disposition fees, which means you can end up saving even more money with the LPP than with other types of leasing agreements.


Additional Peace of Mind

The Honda Care Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) is great to pair with the LPP, as it covers a great number of services that can help you save money on maintenance. The VSC’s services include roadside assistance, concierge emergency services, extensive component coverage, rental car reimbursement, trip interruption benefits, and personalized travel plans. You can also feel confident that your vehicle will only be serviced at an authorized Honda dealership by factory-trained Honda technicians, using only Honda factory-approved parts.