Honda Oil Change in West Warwick


A simple yet essential part of maintaining a car is making sure that it gets regular oil changes, including changing the oil filter. Oil circulates through the vehicle’s engine to lubricate and protect engine components from wear and carry debris away to be trapped by the filter. Over time, the oil loses effectiveness and must be replaced. Unless you drive an unusually high amount, your Honda oil change may only be needed twice a year. It’s a quick and inexpensive maintenance visit that is essential to keeping your vehicle running at its best.



Oil Changes at Authorized Honda Service Centers

Your best bet is to entrust an official Honda service facility with your vehicle’s essential regular maintenance. At such facilities, factory-trained Honda technicians perform the work, and they of course know this line of vehicles thoroughly and can best advise you as to what your Honda needs. They also have a full catalog of official Honda parts at their fingertips, and your oil change will be done with OEM and Honda-approved replacement components. These are all critical things that you can’t get if you have your oil changed at a large, national chain.


Oil Change Frequency

In general, today’s vehicles need to have their oil and oil filter changed about every 6,000 miles. This can vary according to the vehicle model and the amount and intensity of your average drive. Your Honda service technician is the best person to ask what’s best for your specific vehicle. If you visit the same Honda facility regularly, the staff will quickly get to know you and your vehicle, and their recommendations will be customized to your situation.

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