Honda Maintenance Schedule

2019 Honda Models

Miles: 7.5k 15K 22.5k 30k 37.5k 45k 52.5k 60k 67.5k 75k 82.5k 90k
Front and Rear Break X X X X X X
Check Parking Brake Adjustment X X X X X X
Drive Belt(s) X X X
Tie Rod Ends, Steering Gearbox, And Boots X X X X X X
Suspension Conponets X X X X X X
Parking Brake X X X X X X
Driveshaft Boots X X X X X X
brake hoses and lines X X X X X X
Check all fluid levels and condition of fluids; check for leaks X X X X X X
Cooling System Hoses and Connections X X X X X X
Exhaust System X X X X X X
Fuel Lines and Connections X X X X X X
Air Cleaner Filter X X X
Engine Oil X X X X X X X X X X X X
Engine Oil Filter X X X X X X
Spark Plugs X X X
Tire Rotation X X X X X X X X X X X X


2019 Passport Maintenance Schedule

Keeping up with proper maintenance is crucial for making sure your Passport remains in top form. Without regular check-ups and services, small issues can become costly problems over time. In order to prevent this from happening, you should take your Passport in to a service technician based on Honda’s recommended maintenance schedule. The schedule follows set mileage intervals, making it easy to plan for your appointments.

7,500-, 15,000-, and 30,000-Mile Intervals

When your Passport has logged its first 7,500 miles, it’s time for a few basic services. You will need to have your engine oil replaced along with a tire rotation. Aside from this, the service technician will inspect various parts of your vehicle to make sure they are still working properly. At the first 7,500 miles, though, everything should be all set and won’t require any additional services. Moving along to the next 7,500 miles to 15,000, the same services from before will be taken care of, but there will be a few additional inspections that will take place. Here the technician will inspect your front and rear brakes, tie rod ends, steering gearbox, driveshaft boots, suspension components, brake hoses and lines, fluid levels, cooling and exhaust systems, as well as the fuel lines and their connections.

30,000- and 45,000-Mile Intervals

Reaching 30,000 miles means all of the previous services will be taken care of again, along with a replacement of the air cleaner element and spark plugs. As far as new inspections, all that will be checked is the Passport’s valve clearance and drive belts. After this, when the odometer reads 45,000 miles, your coolant and brake fluids will need to be changed out.

90,000- and 105,000-Mile Intervals

As the miles keep climbing to 90,000, you’ll need to have your brake and transmission fluids replaced. Finally, the last new services will occur at 105,000 miles, which is when you will need to replace your Passport’s timing belt and coolant, while an inspection on the water pump will also be conducted. After this point, continue bringing in your Passport for regular maintenance and you will be able to keep it running strong for many years to come.